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Joyce and Larry Phillips – Power Couple Starts Their Journey With Progressive

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What’s your favorite part of being a Realtor?

Joyce Phillips: My favorite part of being a Realtor is the satisfaction that comes from being able to help our clients find their dream home or the perfect location for a new business endeavor.

Larry Phillips: My favorite part of being a Realtor is getting acquainted with new people and being able to help fulfill their real estate needs.

When did you get started in the Real Estate business?

JP: We started buying and selling properties years ago for ourselves but seriously considered starting our careers in real estate in the mid 2000’s.

LP: Joyce is actually the reason I am a Realtor today. She persuaded me to enroll in real estate school with her so we could work together as a team. This was in the early to mid 2000’s.

Do you have a memorable closing story you can share about a closing?

J&L: When we think of memorable families we worked with we think of an elderly couple who needed to sell their home in Hamilton Mill and move to Texas to live with their daughter.

The husband was in a hurry to get his wife back to Texas as her health was beginning to fail. We helped them in several situations, and eventually, we became good friends.

We received an offer on the house and the husband was very eager to accept the offer and he accepted it immediately.

We happily scheduled the closing, helped them load up the trucks, bid them goodbye and asked them to stay in touch with us. That closing was almost too good to be true.
A couple of months later we received a call from the wife with the news her husband had passed away from cancer.

At that moment we realized what had taken place with the couple. He was actually the one who was sick but he did not tell her until he got them settled in with their daughter in Texas. He was making these plans to get his wife of 60 plus years back to Texas so she would be living with family when he had to tell her and the family about his diagnosis of cancer.

This was true love played out in real life as he was thinking of his wife more than himself. We will never forget this couple or experience.

During the real estate crash of 2008-2011, how did it affect you and your career?

J&L: The real estate crash of 2008 was a time we will never forget. It was a struggle to convince homeowners and banks that their properties were declining in value.

Everyone thought it wouldn’t happen to his or her property but by the time the crash had ended everyone was a believer. Life as everyone had known it changed that year. It was a time everyone will always remember.

Tell our readers about Progressive Realty.

J&L: We chose Progressive Realty because of their track record in getting properties sold and communities developed. We have been closely associated with Wayne Bartlett, the broker, for more than 25 years and we look forward to being working partners with him and the other owners and agents at Progressive.

Why choose Joyce & Larry Phillips when there are so many other choices?

J&L: We have always worked as a team in all areas of our lives. We have been together so long we can usually tell what each other is thinking without saying a word. Everything we’ve done, we’ve done together and this includes our real estate careers.
It is a huge asset to have a partner who can step in and keep the business moving when one of us has a situation that prevents us from carrying out the scheduled plan.


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Joyce and Larry Phillips – Power Couple Starts Their Journey With Progressive

What’s your favorite part of being a Realtor? Joyce Phillips: My favorite part of being a Realtor is the satisfaction…

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