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Get to know Progressive Realty’s newest agent: Amy Price


Tell us a little bit about your background…where did you grow up?

I have been a Barrow Countian since moving here in 1999 after serving 5 years in the Army as an Air Traffic Controller.

What are you looking most forward to about your career in real estate?

I originally got my real estate license in 1999 and found that helping new homebuyers through a somewhat scary process was very fulfilling. Since then, I have been involved in buying and selling over 10 businesses, acquired rental property, helped people find a place to live while in transit, found a rental when the time wasn’t right to buy, and purchase a home when the time and place was right for them. While I look forward to helping people find the right piece of land or house for the right price, I am also very excited about helping builders find the right piece of land for development since I have a background in new construction.

What hobbies do you have outside of your career?

When I’m not working I am spending time outdoors with my son, racing my mountain bike, hiking, or camping. I am an adventurer at heart and love inspiring others to get out of the rat race and breath the fresh air. Racing my mountain bike makes me feel like a kid again so I hope to be doing that well into old age! Why do you think Progressive is the leading real estate company in our community? What is their secret? Progressive Realty has the expertise and resources in all areas from commercial knowledge to business acquisition to home buying and home selling to all types of land acquisition. The possibilities are endless and I am surrounded by some of the best people in the business! So if I don’t have the answer for you, I probably know someone who does.

Lastly, why choose Amy Price when there are so many other choices?

Two reasons: 1. Always doing the right thing is my motto in life and in business.

2. Real estate is an adventure and so should be your experience!

Amy Price

Contact info:
Cell 678-425-7774