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Meet Terri Tarver New Construction Real Estate Agent And Buyer’s Specialist


Progressive Realty’s Terri Tarver is a new construction real estate agent and buyer’s specialist. She has been in the real estate business since 2003 and has found that she loves what she does simply because of the joy that it brings her to help homebuyers through the process of such an important milestone in their lives. Tarver believes it is important to work closely with her clients in order to help them receive the best home buying experience possible. Her mission is to develop a long-lasting relationship with each client and cherishes their decision to use her as their real estate agent.

Throughout her eighteen years of working as a Realtor, a closing memory that Tarver explained particularly stands out to her is one involving a young, single mother that was looking to obtain home ownership.  Tarver said, “There were many obstacles to overcome and much red tape to sort through as she was trying to get qualified for a loan. Although stressful and time consuming, perseverance paid off. During the closing my client cried through the entire process as she could not believe that her dream of home ownership was within her reach.” This touching memory is one of the reasons Tarver continues to do her job so well.

Despite some difficult obstacles regarding the real estate crash from 2008-2011, Tarver remained successful as an agent. Her tactics in maintaining prosperous were that she worked on REO and foreclosures. She also obtained her property and casualty along with life and health insurance licenses to supplement her income, resulting in her continued success to present day.

When asked about her experience working as an agent at Progressive Realty, Tarver described the staff as one that “encompasses the entire process of real estate sales and development.” She went on to explain that their team is cohesive and knowledgeable and that they work together well. She believes that these characteristics will allow them to continually grow and thrive as a community. Tarver said, “We have a skilled staff of real estate agents that assist the buyers through the process of securing the home of their dreams, we truly have it all!”